Prove you're #1. 🥇

Online leaderboards for Smash Ultimate, Ping Pong, Foosball and more.

Elo based leaderboard/ranking demo

Can you handle the pressure? 🏆

Organize a tournament. Winner takes home all the glory (and cash).

Tournament and brackets mode demo

Talk some trash. 😤

Integrate our Slack bot and stay in the loop with the latest matches.

Slack integration demo

What else does it do?

ELO Rating System

Uses the same rating system to rank professional chess players.

Win Rates

Check your win/loss ratio against individual opponents and your odds of beating them.

Seasons (coming soon)

Reset the leaderboard and start with a clean slate.

Money Match (coming soon)

Put your money where your mouth is. Match wagering and tournament buy-ins, winner takes all.

Supported Games

Smash Ultimate

Ping Pong





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